A puddle of fluid underneath your car of any size is likely a cause for concern. Sometimes, the fluid that you see is normal, especially if you just turned your car off and had been using the air conditioner as the fluid could be water that drains from the system.

Examine the color of the fluid as well as the smell as these details can tell you quite a bit about what kind of fluid is leaking. If you're concerned about a leak, then put a large piece of cardboard under your car so that you can better see the details of the leak.

Once you know where the fluid is leaking from, you can get a better idea as to the type of fluid. Coolant tends to leak from the front of your car while oil will usually leak a bit further back from the front. Before driving in Council Grove, KS for an extended time, you can consult with someone at Bolton Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep who can give a definitive answer regarding the leak.

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