Headlight Restoration Techniques

After owning a vehicle for an extended length of time, the headlight lenses often yellow or become cloudy. As the illumination provided by the lights is vital to nighttime driving, remedying the problem becomes important. The project is easily accomplished. However, for professional maintenance and repair needs, schedule a consult with one of our Council Grove, KS Bolton Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep technicians.

Headlight restoration kits are readily available where automotive products are sold. The package comes with all of the materials and substances needed to provide satisfactory results. Some people use toothpaste. Apply the product directly to the headlight lens without coming into contact with the paint. Scrub the surface with a clean, dry cloth for 10 to 15 minutes. Wipe the surface clean with another clean cloth.

Deep scratches require abrasive techniques. If unsure of how to proceed, allow a professional to make the correction. Using coarse to fine grades of sandpaper is a common technique. However, care must be taken not to break the lenses.

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