Touch-up paint is widely available in most popular manufacturer paint codes. Touch-up paints are color-matched but are a different formulation that allows them to blend in with the existing paint layers. Touch-up paints can be lifesavers when correctly applied.

To start, the surface to be touched up must be clean. Be sure to remove any surface rust that may have begun to develop using light sandpaper, applying tape to protect the surrounding paint. Once clean, apply the touch-up paint over the affected area. Use even, overlapping brush strokes for long scratches and dab chips until they are filled beyond the surface of the original paint.

Allow the paint several hours to fully dry and harden. If the chip or scratch is small or inconspicuous, you can stop here. However, for a complete repair, use a very light-grit sandpaper to smooth the touch-up paint down to the original surface of the paint. The faint scratches from the sandpaper can be polished away, leaving a brilliant shine that completely masks the repair.

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