Mopar® Vehicle Protection for Tires and Wheels

Out of all the drivetrain equipment, tires and wheels can be considered the most important. Without these, it doesn't matter how well the transmission or axles operate. A totally flat tire or a dent in the wheel stops it from going anywhere. On top of that, several hundred dollars is required for repairs.

This should not happen to anyone. That's why Mopar created a vehicle protection program for tires and wheels damaged by road hazards. When your vehicle is brought into the service center, technicians will handle mounting and balancing the tires for no cost. In addition, the protection program provides both original and after-market repair parts for free. All that's required is to make an initial payment for the plan.

Your dealership's service center has additional information on this program. Make an appointment to learn more about Mopar's Road Hazard Tire and Wheel Protection. The benefits you see will be immediate.

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