The time for safety is always now. Drivers of the popular Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid understand the terrific offerings that are featured in the safety department. Safety features that assist in parking, lane-keeping, and blind-spot monitoring help to keep you cool as a driver of the Pacifica Hybrid. Safety is key behind the wheel of this neat ride. We at Bolton Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram believe in the value of safety features.

Safety All the Time

Safety would always be the priority on the roadways in a perfect setting. We may not have that, but thankfully the Pacifica Hybrid has Lansense Lane Departure Warning With Lane Keep Assist. Life is busy and even a moment can make all the difference as your attention slips--the safety feature will guide you back to where you want to be on the road.

Blind Spot Monitoring is a vital safety feature offered in the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. It can be unnerving trying to change lanes or to see if a vehicle is occupying your vehicle's blind spot. The system helps you make safer decisions while making lane changes. Test drive the vehicle through Council Grove, KS to find out for yourself what makes this minivan hybrid a good safety selection.

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