When it comes to popular heavy-duty pickup trucks, the Ram 3500 ranks right there at the top. This truck is built to last, from bumper to bumper. You will find everything is of the highest quality, with numerous features built into its design to enhance its overall durability.

The engine itself is state of the art. Under the hood is a 6.7L turbo diesel engine made by Cummins. This is a proven engine that allows for an impressive 930 pounds per foot of torque. You can tow over 31,000 pounds of cargo with this truck and still only change the oil every 15,000 miles.

You will also find that the Ram 3500 has a smart diesel exhaust braking system. This allows the driver to more easily control their descent when going down a steep slope. You will feel the difference kick in. Stop by Bolton Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram when you have a chance and give this truck a test drive.

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