Choose the Popular Jeep Renegade for Its Safety Features

When you are searching for the SUV to get you around in Council Grove, do not overlook the popular Renegade from Jeep. This vehicle is cool in design and it is set up with features that help you stay safe on the road.

Seven airbags come standard in the Renegade and they help to keep not only you but all of your passengers safe if you are involved in a crash of some kind. If your Renegade senses that you are not braking enough for the situation that you are in, the special braking system that is part of the vehicle will help you slow down faster.

We believe that you will love the Jeep Renegade and all of its features. We are excited to give you more information about this SUV. Come by Bolton Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM to look at this vehicle up close and to take it out for a test drive.


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