Maintain a Proper Oil Change Interval in Council Grove, KS

Not every driver can afford a car every few years, so they perform routine maintenance. The quick lube service techs are quick to tell you to return every three months with that little sticker in the window. The service technician never assessed your typical driving conditions, so they give a blanket recommendation to every vehicle. Drivers who do a little due diligence understand what is required based on driving conditions.

Automakers in detail advocate for oil change intervals based on how drivers use their vehicle. Drivers who tow a boat every weekend on a dusty road up a hill; they may require an oil change every 3000 miles. Drivers who drive 25 minutes to work on the highway may require an oil change every 7500 miles, and if you select synthetic oil which usually cost a little more; you can go 10,000 miles before your next service. Automaker teams have developed engines which don’t require 3000 oil changes with normal use.

The experienced service technicians are ready to service your car at Bolton Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM. We’re happy to explain which service is required based on your cars mileage and driving environment!

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