Do Your Part to Move Over and Slow Down for Emergency Vehicles

Roadside workers are losing their lives each year when being struck by motorists. The real issue is that according to a poll by Mason Dixon Polling & Research, these drivers had no idea they were breaking the law because they never heard of the Move Over law in their state.

Last year, another 200 roadside workers lost their lives when motorists didn't obey the Move Over law. The National Traffic Incident Management Coalition says that another 200 will lose their lives next year if more isn't done to educate drivers. The law could not be more basic. If you are driving on the highway and see workers or flashing lights, slow your vehicle down, make a safe effort to move over to a lane to give them room and resume your speed after you pass the workers.

We are trying our best here at Bolton Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM to try and educate as many drivers as possible by spreading the word. Learn more with us at 11 East Main Street today!

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